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Many of our Lubes Contain "PTFE**" which has been called "the slickest substance known to man"

Labelle© Lubes are Manufactured by Con-Cor International,Ltd. Tucson, Arizona.

The Labelle© name is owned by JMC Corporation and used with permission.

**Never heard of "PTFE" ? Well here is the low down.

     "PTFE" is the parent chemical we all know as "Teflon®" and that trademark name is owned by Dupont Chemical, so we can't use that name in our marketing. But we are buying that same chemical in bulk from DuPont and mixing it in with many of our lubes. It's very expensive (and also takes some expensive mixing equipment) and that's why few companies bother to use it. Especially those that sell their "lubes***" in mass market outlets such as national chain hardware stores, and big-box outlet stores. They have to save every penny they can to match the prices of their competitors.

    But we know you have spent a lot of money on the products that you own which need a good reliable Lubricant to keep them operating at tip-top shape. (Especially expensive Robotic and flying drones, or other R/C aircraft). The alternative is not only poor performance, but maybe they just stop working while in mid-flight and crash to the ground, taking your expensive arial camera down with them, or delaying your finishing that aerial inspection you had contracted to do.

     Or are you are using a "cobot" Robotic item mixed in with human workers on the assembly line? Down time of the "cobot" because of failed lubrication, also means down time for those human workers who are on the time clock. Plan ahead, clean and lubricate all those pieces of automation on a regularly scheduled basis.

All Labelle Lubricants**** are Safe to use on Plastics**** !!
****Our 430-901 Motor Cleaner may affect some plastics if left on the surface for extended period of time. If you intend to use the Motor Cleaner, use a Que Tip and test first on a not visable area and let dry for a few minutes and check. In all cases the 430-901 Cleaner is only intended to be used to clean and remove buildup of old grease and dried oil then remove the 430-901 cleaner from the surface being cleaned and apply the recommended Labelle Lubricant.

     *** We really suggest you read the labels of products you find in hardware, or big box stores. Many popular brands of "Lubes" are really fish oil, or more of a cleaner than a lubricant, or even in some cases just a close relative to transmission fluid. The problem with all these is that they probably are not plastic "safe" and will slowly but surely, eat your drive shaft gaskets, or even the plastic housing of your expensive toy. If it doesn't say "safe for plastics" assume is is NOT SAFE to use on items with plastic parts !!

Labelle© brand Model Train Lubes now used by world's largest manufacturer of model trains!

     Not only has Labelle Lubricants been recommended over the years by the leading Model Train magazines, as well as many model railroad model professional repair men, but now Labelle© brand Lubricants are being used by 3 (THREE) of the world's largest model train manufacturers on their China factories production lines!

     Photos shown below are of the Sanda Kan production line in China. Sanda Kan has produced model trains for over 200 of the worlds leading model railroad brands acting as a contract manufacturer. So we can honestly say that Labelle is used in the production of thousands upon thousands of model trains sold world wide under many brandnames.

Why Settle for anything less than the #1 Lubricant for your Model Trains? Use Labelle© brand model train lubricants. !

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